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Regular practices for fire drills will be conducted to ensure that children are aware of safety procedures in the event of a fire on campus.

Please send a passport size photograph of your child to display in the classroom.

Nametags will be given to your child on the first day of school your child is required to wear it everyday for at least the first month.

During the school year there will be parent-teacher meet. During these times you will be able to see your child's work and discuss his/her progress.

A communication book will be given to each child. Please read and sign wherever necessary and return it back the next school day. Please feel free to write any questions or concerns regarding your child to the teacher.

PROGRESS - Online Portfolio and Assessment
Children will have an individual on line portfolio and assessment of their achievements in kindergarten. Twice a year a report of your child's progress will be on line for parents to view. It helps to manage students' development. This portfolio is accessed to parents wice a year (Once in every semester/ Six months). Parents would be advised on how to view their child's portfolio with password access.

Field trips will be conducted throughout the year based on the theme in the curriculum. Parents are advised to allow their children to go for these trips as they are both entertaining and educational.

Swimming lessons are conducted within the school curriculum. The teachers accompany the children to the Kallang Basin or Jalan Besar Swimming Complex once a week. All the children are encouraged to participate unless excused on medical grounds. Experienced coaches conduct the lessons and the safety of the children is taken very seriously. At the end of the 20 lessons they go through a survival test to affirm the skills that they have learnt during the lessons.