Khalsa Kindergarten provides a clean and stimulating environment that encourages the development of a child’s love for learning. Children today tend to have a wide exposure to the world around them and we recognise and value this. As we interact with the children, we determine each child’s needs and learning styles and help them progress further. 

Our range of educational programmes and indoor/outdoor activities help the children develop in varied ways and provide a foundation to the rest of their lives.  We help them intellectually by enriching their vocabulary, improving their phonics, introducing them to number concepts and discovery of the world through science. Children build their self-esteem as they learn to complete tasks and exercises successfully under the guidance of their teachers. They develop artistically as while learning music, creative writing and art & craft.The classroom environment also encourages interactivity among the children and helps them develop social skills and learn the importance of friendships. Sports and games help the children learn the benefits of working as a team to achieve results while they develop physically.

Its therefore no wonder that children who have attended Khalsa Kindergarten are performing well in primary schools. The feed back from all parents has been consistently excellent. Several organisations, including SINDA, have recognised Khalsa Kindergarten for its highly satisfactory results. This is also the only kindergarten in Singapore where Tamil, Punjabi and Hindi are taught as second languages.

The Singapore Khalsa Association Management assures you that not only the high standards attained will be maintained, but effort will be made to continually improve them further.